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Katakolon, Greece

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Rent a Car services

Rent a Car is a basic requirement for all business people today. Avis Hellas is working closely with the mother company – Avis Europe plc – and uses all technological knowledge to deliver any new product/service in Greece just before our customers start to ask for it. Though, Greece is a country which has lot of differences from other European countries, such as geological structure, climate variances, culture and ethos. So, the success of Avis Hellas is to adapt all new and innovative products/services to the Greek needs or create new that could fit into the Greek mentality.

Our company

Making car rental easier 

At AVIS, “We try harder” to make your car rental easier. As an AVIS customer, you can take advantage of the benefits of renting with Europe’s leading car rental company.

  • over 4.000 rental locations worldwide
  • a wide range of products and services to meet your needs

The leading car rental company 

We’re an operating division of AVIS Europe plc, the leading car rental company in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia, with more than 30 years’ experience in the car rental industry. AVIS Europe serves over 8 million customers annually through a network spanning 112 countries.

AVIS began in 1946 when Warren Avis opened his first car rental location – “AVIS Airlines Rent A Car Systems” at Willow Run Airport, Detroit – the first car rental operation at an airport location. In 1965, AVIS formally expanded into the international arena by founding the Europe, Africa and Middle East division (AVIS Europe) and achieved leadership in this market just 8 years later in 1973 – a position which AVIS has retained ever since.

The essence of AVIS’ success has been a singular vision of building the best and fastest growing company within the business of car rental through continuous investment in its network, leading technology and, most importantly, its people.

“We try harder”…

…is not just the fifth most famous advertising slogan of all time; it is an open-ended promise to do better today than we did yesterday; to deliver value to our customers, our employees and our shareholders. It is the spirit of AVIS.
Everyone in the company has an important part to play in achieving excellent and consistent customer service and delivering the “We try harder” promise.


Avis Group is a leading car rental company in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Our aim is to be the most valued and successful car rental company in our markets, for our customers, our employees and our shareholders and to this end Avis is a dynamic global organisation perpetually trying harder and committed to delivering the very highest levels of service through continuous investment in our six strategic priorities:

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Brand Leadership
  • Profitable Growth
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • People Development


The following statements encapsulate our beliefs and values and our approach to doing business throughout our operating territories.

Business Ethics 

We believe it is in the interest of our shareholders, our customers and our employees that we maintain a highly acceptable public image supporting a progressively profitable company. Honesty, integrity and fairness are an integral basis of our total philosophy.


We believe in providing consistently high standards of integrity, service, quality and value in satisfying customer needs. This operating ethos maintains our industry leadership and retains the loyalty and respect of our customers.


We aim to stimulate duty, mutual loyalty and a sense of pride in working for Avis through employee involvement at all levels, continuous updating of knowledge and skills and attractive and competitive recognition and reward systems. We believe that employees should be actively encouraged to grow and develop their careers with Avis and we always seek first to appoint candidates from within the Company to fill positions at every level – both nationally and internationally. To this end, we will provide the environment to help employees improve and develop themselves.

Management and leadership 

Our management philosophy is one of decentralisation and local autonomy, underpinned by strong support services and leadership provided from Group Headquarters, an approach which stimulates entrepreneurialism whilst promoting consistency of image, service levels and operational efficiency.

AVIS Greece

AVIS Greece today 

Avis Greece, the only corporate company in the sector of Rent a Car business in Greece, is active in the Greek market since 1960, initially as a licensee, and from 1998 as an affiliated company of Avis Europe. All these years, the purely Greek administration team of Avis Greece applies the principles of the modern management. Through a decentralizing philosophy, the company develops the experience at the best way and also the know-how of the mother company; on the other hand Avis Greece is completely adapted in the particular market conditions and practices of our country.

Two Important Sectors of Growth 

Avis provides services in two distinguishable sectors of renting vehicles: in the sector of Rent a Car (short term rentals) and in the sector of Leasing (long term rentals). The qualitative and reliable service, the personalized treatment and the faculty to correspond with exceptional way in the requirements of each customer, has placed Avis at the top of the market for both sectors. Avis today is the first choice for those who wish to enjoy all the benefits of a rented car, without any obligations that involves the property of a car. Avis is able to provide best service to the customer, having built remarkable organizational growth all these years:

75 Rental Stations in Greece

360 employees that give daily 100% of their knowledge and their experience

16.500 cars that constitute the fleet of the company and cover each tendency of the market and need of a customer

The gear of Avis is not limited in the material and technical infrastructure. Together with important partners, with the vision of the management team and of course with the dedication of all its employees, the company does not rely on the existing positive results. Trying to find ways to better improve its services, Avis Greece makes daily action on what it declares: “We try harder ”.